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Broadwater Computer Services
Box 996
Townsend, MT 59644


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Broadwater Computer Service provides complete computer repair and service throughout Montana and Idaho.

Broadwater Computer Service has evolved into a full service IT provider for small business. We promptly and efficiently take care of your network design, implementation and maintenence as well as computer repair and service. All for reasonable rates with cost-effective plans.

BCS has always been planned around onsite service. We arrive equipped to handle almost any computer repair or service need, right from our vehicles. If the computer needs to go into the shop, we will take it down, take it in and bring it back with no additional travel costs. You don't have to touch it!

Most small businesses have no need for a full-time, in-house IT professional. But, there are times when you need repairs, service or support from knowledgeable and experienced professionals who are familiar with your equipment and requirements.

Do you have someone in your office who "part-times" with your computer systems but normally has some other function within your organization? Do you have a full-time IT person who creates "busy-work" to try and justify the position? Have you tried other Computer Service firms and had poor luck?

Well, let your employees do the jobs for which they were hired. Save the workmen's comp and benefits costs and try using our trained and experienced professionals.

For further details about the services we offer, please click here or on the "Company Info" link.

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Ok folks. I've told y'all about this before but it's still happening so I'm reminding you.

First: no one is monitoring your online presence; watching for viruses on your computer. Read that over again and trust me...NO ONE IS MONITORING YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE; WATCHING FOR VIRUSES ON YOUR COMPUTER!!!!

Use your head. If someone calls and tells you they have monitored viriuses on your computer, over the internet...THEY ARE LYING.

If a message pops up on your computer screen, telling you that you are infected and urging you to call someone to clean your computer for you. ..DON'T DO IT!!

These are scams, primarily designed to get your credit card information. Once they have you on the phone, falling for more and more of their BS, they'll get you to give them remote access to your computer. At that point, they will install monitoring software so they can catch credit card info that you type in. They will install more destructive viruses/malware so that you have to call them again. They'll get you to pay them for the things they are doing; often an exorbitant amount, which will give them your CC info so they can use it in other ways.

If one of these screens pops up on my computer (which happens even to me once in a while) I run "System Restore", taking my computer back in time a day or so, then I run Malwarebytes just to be on the safe side.

I recommend a program called Malwarebytes. Just the free download of Malwarebytes will clean whatever you already have on your computer. Run it once a month or so. You'll be surprised at how many bad programs it will find.

I, personally, don't pay for an anti-virus program any more. I don't know of any commercial program that protects you from yourself and actually blocks malware. The free programs in Windows seem to work as well as anything you pay money for. Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender.

The best protection is basic common sense. Don't answer the scam call in the first place. An incoming call from a toll free number is either a scam, a salesman or a bill collector. Which one of these do you WANT to talk to?

Don't allow remote access to your computer from unsolicited tech support. Your own IT people, whom you know and trust, might need to use such a thing but someone who calls you and CLAIMS to be tech support is NOT.

Don't click on files you get in e-mail if you don't know who they are from or you didn't know you were going to get. If you get an e-mail from someone you know, with a clickable file attached, contact that person first, before you click on the file, and make sure the e-mail really came from that person and the file is legitimate.

The IRS does not call you from 1-800-irs-1040! The local police will not call you and threaten you for not doing what the guy who claims to be IRS tells you.

Above all, use common sense. These scammers are rotten people with no shame or pity. I've had elderly customers who went the whole way with these people, paying out hundreds of $ for the unsolicited "tech support". Then, I have to clean their computer while they cancel their credit card and begin the charge dispute odyssey; all without really understanding how or why this happened.

Be careful folks.

This link is to the Federal Trade Commission about this issue.