"The Computer Fighter"
Broadwater Computer Services
Box 996
Townsend, MT 59644
A Plus

Broadwater Computer Service was founded January 1, 2000. We chose to base our business where we live, in Townsend, Montana.

BCS has always provided prompt and efficient service to customers throughout this area, but primarily in Townsend and Helena, Montana. It has been our experience that most computer users don't want to take down their computer, unhooking all the cables and driving into a computer shop for repairs. But, most shops in this area charge extra for onsite service and it often isn't cost effective, especially for the small business or home user, to pay the extra cost.

BCS has always been planned around onsite service. We arrive equipped to handle almost any computer repair or service need, right from our vehicles. We only charge travel for the first trip on any one issue. If the computer needs to go into the shop, we will take it down, take it in and bring it back. You don't have to touch it!

For the small business, this means that you can just continue your own work without concerning yourself with the computer problems. We will take care of that. For the home user, you don't have to mess with the evil beast. Just let us do our thing and you'll be up and running again in no time!

All computer repairs are done with the goal of having the computer up and running as quickly as possible. Even major problems are approached with a 24 return as our goal. Sometimes they are too sick to fix that quickly but our goal has always been next-day completion.

We believe that our primary concern is customer data. All effort will be made to safeguard data when major repairs are needed. Our shops have large capacity servers where customer data can be stored and we each carry USB drives and laptops for data salvage onsite. Even so, all computer users should know that the ultimate responsibility for data lies with the computer user. Do Your Backups!!

Using our up-to-date software and hardware, we can help with data salvage if you've lost something important.

We can provide tutoring services in the use of your computer for internet, research and business. From the very basics to helping you learn to E-bay your antiques! Our tutoring is rarely software specific but is aimed at making your overall computer use easier and more efficient.